STARFLEET: Chaplain Services
Region 20

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The Chaplain Services College of Spirituality is designed to allow the student to become familiar with the basics of the Chaplaincy program and gives general information of various historical aspects of the same.

Available courses include:

-   CSCS-101: Duties of the Chaplain

-   CSCS-102: Spiritual Counselling

-   CSCS-103: History of the Civil War Chaplains

-   CSCS-104: Chaplains of the Revolutionary War

-   CSCS-105: Religion in Star Trek

-   CSCS-201:  The Military Chaplain, Part 1

-   CSCS-202:  The Military Chaplain, Part 2

-   CSCS-203:  The Military Chaplain, Part 3

-   CSCS-204:  The Military Chaplain, Part 4

-   CSCS-205:  The Military Chaplain, Part 5

-   CSCS-301:  Military Chaplain Essay, Part 1

-   CSCS-302:  Military Chaplain Essay, Part 2

Application for courses:

To apply for these courses you MUST be an active member of STARFLEET and provide your name, rank & SCC# along with other required information to the course director thru the STARFLEET Academy website or contact the course director at:  [email protected] for more information.

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