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Our Charter and Disclaimer

Terms and Conditions of Services:

Here follows all our Terms and Conditions of Services. Every person agrees to these upon joining/registering or using this site -

  •  We have a Zero Tolerance Policy (ZTP), no swearing, foul language or anything we deem inappropriate. Persons using our site should be polite and courteous at all times. Any violation of this will be reported to STARFLEET International, with your name and SCC# where a reprimand may be incurred. Any threats made against our Chaplaincy will be reported to the police and prosecution to the full extent of the law will be sort.

  •   Our tolerance on Abusive Behaviour is Zero, this comes under our ZTP. There are no excuses. This includes Swearing, Inappropriate Flirting, Foul language, Shouting, Discrimination, Physical or Mental Abuse, Intimidating Behaviour, Manipulation, Belittling, Criticising and/or Bullying including Racial or Sexual Orientation.

  •  There is no minimum age to use our service, however, we may feel it necessary to speak to a parent or guardian to help support the minor.

  • We will never pass out your name or personal information or prayer request to anyone outside the Chaplaincy Team. However, if we feel you are going to hurt yourself or someone else, we are obligated by law to report this to the police. We are governed by a strick code of conduct. 

  • Anyone who tries to hack into our accounts or view personal information without permission will not be tolerated at any cost and Legal Advice will be sort and prosecution to the full extent of the law will be sort.

  • We will endeavour to make this site a safe heaven for everyone who uses it and do everything within our power to make sure your information is kept safe. In the event of your information being accessed by an outside sources, we can not be held liable for this – Please DO NOT pass your 'Log In'  details on to anyone, even if they claim to be a member of staff, there is no reason for Staff to be asking for that information. Only the Admin Team have access to your account, other than yourselves and they do not require your username and password. 

  • We want to work alongside you respectfully. We do not wish to cause any disagreements or animosity. If however, this happens, we ask you to email us straight away and a senior member of the Chaplaincy will  be in touch and speak to you regarding your complaint. Likewise, if you have a compliment and would like to voice this, please email us and we will pass on the good news to that particular member of the Chaplaincy.

  • Copyright ©: - The individual has to Copyright © their own pictures before they post images or content, we trust that they are authentic and not taken without permission; this also includes copyrighting anyone else’s work.

  • Members who want to share their photos/videos on the R20 Chaplaincy website, are allowed to do so if they are related to Chaplaincy or support to an individual/s. Copyright law must be adhered to at all times. We do ask if a member wishes to use a photo/video we have on the site, they MUST ask the permission of the owner of the photo/s or/and video/s, whether it be the R20 Chaplaincy or one of it’s members. If we find this has been violated we will ask for them back, if the member does not comply then we will proceed with disciplinary measures through STARFLEET International and could even seek legal advice, but we hope that it would not come to that. This falls under our ZTP.

  • Any complaints/issues should be taken directly to the Senior Chaplaincy and not discussed with other group members. We will try to resolve situations quickly and in a professional manner. We ask for all communication to be sent via email to [email protected] marked “Complaints”, even if you have spoken to us in person, as this is for our records for helping resolve any issues or disputes.

Website Liability Disclaimer:


  • By using and accessing these pages, you shall be deemed to have accepted, and agreed to be bound by, the terms of this Important Legal Notice and General Disclaimer which shall be governed by the laws of the United Kingdom and Ireland subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the English Courts.

  • This web site ( is provided as a none-profit service. The general public may use this site to review and retrieve publicly available information and documents where applicable.

  • The contents of this web site are copyright to R20 Chaplain Services unless stated otherwise, but use may be made of materials for study purposes. Republication of material is not allowed in any form without consent, unless specifically indicated and given in written form.

  • We have tried to ensure that links to off-site materials are clearly indicated. If we have linked to your material and not clearly indicate that the content is non-R20 Chaplaincy Services, please let us know so that we can resolve the matter by making the link clearer, or removing the link.

  • We believe that all material appearing on this site can be legitimately published here by us. If you are a rights holder of any of the works appearing and believe we are infringing your copyright, please contact us. We will either ensure that the ownership is properly attributed or remove the work promptly.

Disclaimer of liability:

  • In preparation of this site, every effort has been made to offer the most current, correct, and clearly expressed information possible. Nevertheless, inadvertent errors in information may occur. In particular, but without limiting anything here, R20 Chaplain Services disclaims any responsibility for typographical errors and accuracy of the information that may be contained on the R20 Chaplain Services Web pages. R20 Chaplain Services also reserves the right to make changes at any time without notice.

  • The documents on this site provide access to the World Wide Web. Because this website is connected to the Internet, once you leave the R20 Chaplain Services site, R20 Chaplain Services cannot control the information you access. Each individual site has its own set of policies about what information is appropriate for public access.

  • The information and data included on these R20 Chaplain Services website pages has been compiled by the R20 Chaplain Services staff from a variety of sources, and are subject to change without notice. R20 Chaplain Services makes no warranties or representations whatsoever regarding the quality, content, completeness, or adequacy of such information and data. In any situation where printed publications differ from the text contained in this system, the printed documents take precedence.

  • If misleading, inaccurate or otherwise inappropriate information is brought to our attention, a reasonable effort will be made to fix or remove it. Such concerns should be addressed in the first instance to [email protected]

Disclaimer of reliability:

  • R20 Chaplain Services makes no representations or warranties regarding the condition or functionality of this Web site, its suitability for use, or that this Web service will be uninterrupted or error-free.

Disclaimer of damages:

  • By using R20 Chaplain Services web pages, you assume all risks associated with the use of this site, including any risk to your computer, software or data being damaged by any virus, software, or any other file which might be transmitted or activated via an R20 Chaplain Services Web page or your access to it. R20 Chaplain Services shall not be liable for any special, incidental, or consequential damages, including, without limitation, lost revenues or lost profits, resulting from the use or misuse of the information contained in the R20 Chaplain Services web pages.

Disclaimer of endorsement:

  • Reference herein to any specific commercial products, process, or service by trade name, trademark, manufacturer, or otherwise does not necessarily constitute or imply its endorsement, recommendation, or favouring by R20 Chaplain Services.  The views and opinions of authors expressed herein do not necessarily state or reflect those of R20 Chaplain Services, and shall not be used for advertising or product endorsement purposes.

The Law - Use of website Cookies

  • A European Legislation on the use of website cookies has come into force and this effects all websites in the UK.

  • A 'cookie' is a tiny element of data that a web site can send to your browser, which may then be stored on your hard drive.


  • As part of the legislation all websites must be clear to users on how cookies are used, the information stored about you and sites must now have gained consent to place these cookies onto your computer.

How we use cookies:

  • The  R20 Chaplain Services website runs on the popular software, which places cookies on your machine to enable the software to run correctly.

  • We use 'cookies' so we can recognise you when you return to the R20 Chaplain Services  e.g. topics already read, new content posted, and your login credentials so you don't have to keep logging in every time you click on something new.

  • Cookies also collect information about the operating system and browser that you are using, this helps us improve performance and functionality across different platforms.

  • You may be able to set your browser to notify you when you receive a cookie.

Tracking cookies:

  • We do not use tracking code on this website like Google Analytics, we only store personal information you provided to us during registration along with your I.P. address.

  • We do not pass on any of your personal details (Name, email address) to any third party or organisation.


  • To  comply with the legislation we are asking ALL users to consent to the placement of cookies on your machine.

  • If you use or sign up to the R20 Chaplain Services forum/website, we take that as your consent to use cookies.

  • Finally by joining/using the R20 Chaplain Services , you agree to all our terms, conditions and legal obligations.

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