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Region 20

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Prayer Requests Request a Prayer

We know how important prayer is in day to day lives and even more so when we find our lives turned upside down and in termoil. We the Chaplains of R20, wish to help support you in your time of need, and offer this chance for you to request prayer for what ever you feel you need help in, in your lives. So please feel free to request a prayer from us today. Don't be afraid to ask.

Every prayer request is delt with in the strictest confidence and will only be discussed by the Caplains and the their counselling team, in regard to prayer for your situation/s. Your name and information will not be past out to any other bodies or organisations, unless you plan harm to yourself or others, where we are obligated by law to report it to the police. Your information, will not be sold to any third parties. NB: Please see our Charter for full information, Thank you.

Our site is currently limited to 5 prayer request postings at a time, however We will continue to keep requests on file as long as possible, which we will be happy to continuously keep you and your situation/s in our prayers.  Please keep our website in your prayers also, so that it's availability will become and always remain a valuable asset to the R20 Region of STARFLEET International.

You may also send prayer requests directly to: [email protected]

Please see "Our Charter and Disclaimer" for Terms and Conditions.

Welcome to our Prayer Requests page. Feel free to Request a Prayer here.